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Carding refers to a situation where someone else's payment card is used. This is often done with stolen card credentials. Of course, a transaction can take place when carders know One Time Password and other data. However, pro carders, such as Ccbuyforcarding, Legitcvvshops and Shopdumps101 have their own way of bypassing OTP and there are also online stores that don't require that much data for a transaction. These websites only need a card number and a name
ID number

Carders, including Buycconlineforcarding and Buycccvv, can guess your ID number and then initiate transactions to a payment provider using your ID. They collect large number of card credentials and sell them. Most of the time, selling and buying happens on the dark web. With a valid card, carders can buy goods on Amazon, Alibaba and so on. Once delivered, these goods are resold
Credit card number

Carding happens on a server. Carders, such as Cvvlvshop, Uniccshopcc and Fullzcarding, have credit card number lists that they test to verify their validity. They run multiple little transactions on a merchant account
Payment systems

There are multiple sources from where Cheapcvvsites and other websites get these details, including extracting it from payment systems